It’s like living on the set of Eastenders sometimes.


My week started well with a visit to Drayton Manor Park where we met up with some Swedish friends and their children. Had a great day with the kids going on about every ride possible. When they said we should go on the log flume my thoughts were of a gentle ride down a winding rill. Was I surprised, this flume was not called STORMFORCE for nothing. Well, STORMFORCE lived up to its name. No sooner as we got into the raft to go through the gates at the top after climbing about 100 feet to get there, we immediately dipped down at about 60 miles an hour. We got drenched. But on the second dip we travelled backwards, so not only did we get sprayed from the front, but from the back as well. The biggy, though, was the last dip. We travelled down at a rate of knots which left my stomach in my mouth, and yes, we got drenched again. When we came to a stop the kids shouted they wanted to go again, but we all decided to shoot the rapids instead. Luckily it was a glorious sunny day so we all dried off quickly, but I squelched around in soggy socks and trainers for the rest of the afternoon incubating trench foot.

Then the week turned to shite. I am not only trying to decorate a bedroom which has not seen the bristles of a paint brush for 9 years, but looking out for Hubby who, a year after having triple heart-bypass surgery, is still in rehab and tires very quickly, so I have to keep my eye on him. Then apart from the usual domestics, I am always the matriarch family members turn to when they have barnies with their partners. I just make a brew and sit and listen without trying not to comment. Then I had to babysit my 13 year old grandson and his 10 year old cousin as they were both off school. Last, but not least, my eldest, after suffering an acute bout of IBS, ended up in the hospital. When do I write? I haven’t this week, and when that happens I’m like an Exocet missile ready to launch. I’ve even turned to the bottle – I had one G & T last night. And I couldn’t do that right; I picked up M & S’s own instead of the Tanqueray export strength or the Bombay Sapphire we bought at Copenhagen airport.

I did enjoy my day with my grandkids, though. The grandson is into war and stuff so we watched a couple of SAS’s greatest missions on the Yesterday channel. He knows his weapons too. Then in the afternoon, which was sunny and hot, he took his cousin for a walk through the village to the church where our neighbour is buried. She always gave them bars of chocolate when they were very young and they always talk about her. They visited her grave and my granddaughter put a flower by the headstone. Her cousin snitched, though, by telling me she had picked it from someone’s garden on the way.

It’s only Thursday and I wonder what the following two days will bring. But after having been told by my family and a virtual friend, whose opinion I value and trust, that I am not marketing myself properly, I am thereby in the process of trying to change book-covers as well as titles. So that’s what I am working on at the minute, the covers, but it’s not coming easy because as far as the computer is concerned I am a dinosaur. As for the titles, that’s proving more difficult.

I will say sayonara for now so I can reduce my stress levels by using the exercise above. May your God go with you. My God? the bottles of gin that sit in the drinks cabinet.

Thursday, 26th June, 1.23pm. Things aren’t getting any better. Just made ham salad sandwiches for lunch. Bit into mine and broke my front tooth. Made an appointment with the dentist.

Friday, 27th June, 5.37am. Been awake since 4am; head spinning with trying to find an appropriate title for a novel, so got up to respond to my emails. Not looking forward to visiting the dentist.

2 thoughts on “It’s like living on the set of Eastenders sometimes.

  1. Hi Pat,
    The world’s most egocentric social net worker here. I’m lousy at keeping in touch on the blogs of my virtual friends. I know it. Enough said.
    Just had a read through your last half-dozen or so. I want to say, great job. Seriously. Don’t stop. I enjoyed each of your posts.
    I don’t know how you view your blog, but I view mine as my author’s diary, as you know. As an online record charting my authorial journey from an absolute nobody in literary terms to…er…well…it’s early days yet, it’s become as important to me as any of my books. I think I mean that.
    I’ve only been blogging a short time in the grand scheme of things but already I have what is to me is something special and personal to reflect on and if I hadn’t bothered or I’d given up I’d have forgotten most of it by now.
    You mentioned that you’re working on a book jacket. Have you considered getting one done professionally? You must have seen that I enthuse about the guy who does mine for me. It’s only about £120 (less than the price of a new front tooth?). He’s really easy to work with. Just a thought. I have strong views on the importance of a great cover. And it’s more than that. Every day i look at my books in the charts (did I mention I’m egocentric?) and so I’m looking at the art work a lot over a year. I never get tired of seeing my covers.
    Best wishes and have a great summer.

    • Good to hear from you, Oliver, you have just liberated my virtual virginity. I’d put a smiley face here but can’t find the icon: bugger. Thanks for the link, just might use it. Have delegated this task to son No. 2 for time being to see what he can come up with. But I do now know what I want, and I can, at last, be pigeon-holed: another smiley face: must find that bloody icon.
      Have a good summer, now off for a bit of oral torture. Shall take my credit card as well as my debit card. Do dentists carry de-fibrillators?
      Speak soon.

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