A Life Once Had Cover

This is the novel that won me third place in a novel writing competition years ago and is the first book in a series of two.

It’s a story of one man’s struggle to come to terms with what is happening to himself and to his country during WWII: the people he meets on the way, and finding love in a place he least expected to find it.

I cannot begin to explain the angst this third novel has given me. Not only the title and book cover, but the setting. The work was originally called Am Beggar-poor Again, but after my ‘agent’ asked what it meant, I reluctantly agreed to change it. It is the last line of a poem by Heinrich Heine; one of my favourite poets. But if it wasn’t for my son – ‘agent’ – who very gently told me both the original cover and the title didn’t say anything about the book, and the fact a fellow author said I wasn’t marketing my work properly, I wouldn’t have arrived at this point without their input. Therefore, I can finally say, my third novel will be released at the weekend and from Saturday 2nd August, 2014, will be FREE FOR TWO DAYS on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. I look forward to your comments and give a big thank you for your support.

NB. Although I put the novel on Amazon this morning, Saturday, 2nd August, I am still waiting for it to update so I can put it on FREE for two days. Those of you who wish to update the free novel should be able to do so some time this afternoon. Once again thanks for your support. Enjoy the read.

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