Where have all my author-mates gone?

Pat 006     elderly-woman-using-a-computer

See the similarity? Spooky, isn’t it?

You don’t suppose it’s the grey – sorry, white hair – that’s putting them off? I know what it is, they’ve been and gone and got themselves a Caribbean hideaway for the summer – lucky buggers. You may be thinking I’ve got some successful author-mates, well to be honest I have two very special ones, and both are male, who I hope will turn out to be like veruccas – difficult to get rid of.  So, wherever you are author-mates, I trust you will emerge at the end of August to enter the exciting world of fiction again as I am missing you both. I trust this heart-felt plea will wrench at your guts so you come out of hiding to enter a fantasy world again.

Back to reality. My third novel, A Life Once Had, is 45 in the ratings of the ‘German’ genre: what that means I haven’t a clue, but can only guess it’s a genre for historical fiction about Germany or Germans. I have already had one 5* review which says, “it is exceptionally well written… and is the best book (of the genre) I have ever read”. Now what more could a writer ask for? Even if I don’t sell any more books I can go to my grave with a smile on my face, knowing I pleased someone with my work.

It’s been a long summer; my first summer after publishing my debut novel last December, and it’s proving difficult having no contact with other authors. It’s what keeps me going. Without other authors to encourage and support, we writers would perhaps flounder on the riverbank like a trout on the end of a line. I don’t like gasping for air, so I’ll be glad when this summer’s over. Perhaps I can organise next summer a little better now I know that everything seems to stop. I did wonder if I was releasing my third book at the right time, but it’s done now, so no use fretting about it. I’m just glad it’s being well received, and that most of my sales are in America, which is something to be proud of.

I’m off to Wales next week, not only for a break but to do some research.  Have lap-top will travel, that’s my motto, but my family won’t know I’m doing it, I just get up early then take everything in whilst sight-seeing: soaking up sounds, smells, surroundings: I’m like a sponge, I always have been. I’ll be going up Snowden and visiting Port Merion the place where The Prisoner TV series was filmed in the 60’s – had the hots for Patrick McGoohan at the time.

I have come to realise I live two separate lives: a writer’s life which is quiet and solitary,  and a family life which is busy and boisterous at times. I love them both, but the twain never meet, they might bump into each other occasionally but that is all. The fact is I cannot live without either, so I’ll be glad when this summer’s over and my author-mates come back on the scene to start publishing again.  As Alison Moyet sings, “I’m all cried out”, I’m singing, “I’m all read out” so come on, author-mates, I’m in serious need of some action.








3 thoughts on “Where have all my author-mates gone?

  1. “I have come to realise I live two separate lives: a writer’s life which is quiet and solitary, and a family life which is busy and boisterous at times. I love them both, but the twain never meet, they might bump into each other occasionally but that is all.”

    Hello Pat,
    How very true that is. Exactly how I feel. As you know I’ve spent six weeks back in the UK surrounded by family and I could count on the fingers of one foot (in Turkey toes are referred to as ‘foot fingers’. How I laughed first time I heard that.) the number of times someone asked about my writing. It seems strange to me; they are my ‘nearest and dearest’ after all. Mum is always supportive but really no one else (apart from my daughter who has read all of them) is the slightest bit interested. It’ll be a different story when that seven figure, three book/film/TV series deal comes in, I’m sure. It used to bother me a bit but now I’m resigned to the truth of what you say above: I’m living two separate lives. It feels great to be back in the virtual world with my ‘second family’.
    Many congratulations on publishing your third novel. Fantastic! I wish you continuing success.
    Enjoy your holiday in Wales where men are men and sheep are nervous. (Groan.)

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