Goodbye Meatballs – Hello Full-English.


I have just returned from a short sojourn in Sweden; hence the meatballs. As you might remember son No. 2 left his much-loved home in southern Sweden to take up a promotion in the English office of the Swedish company he works for, so over Easter we took a short trip to visit the many friends we have made there. This time though we stayed in a hotel where, during week-days they served the usual smorgasbord breakfast of breads, ham, cheese, eggs etc, but when we lifted the lid of the large hot serving dish, we found meatballs: YES, meatballs.

One lovely evening whilst eating, drinking, talking and reminiscing with all our friends, the conversation got around to our hotel, which was very nice, BUT, the rooms were so small, two people couldn’t circumnavigate it unless the other person was either on the bed or in the bathroom. Really, it was the smallest hotel room I had ever stayed in: adequate for a one night stay-over, but certainly not for a few days. I have lived with Hubby for many years, but being in such a cramped space was not conducive to winding-down after a long day as I kept tripping over his size eleven feet. Cosy you might think for anyone who is in the throes of young love. but not for two middle-aged silver-surfers who’s joints ached after a day’s sightseeing.

Anyway, back to the meatballs. We happened to mention to our friends that the hotel had served meatballs for breakfast the four mornings we had stayed there. Our Swedish friends were flabbergasted and looked at us aghast, not quite believing what they were hearing. They said they never had meatballs for breakfast, and were so surprised they asked my son to take a photograph of them the following morning. Guess what? the following morning turned out to be a Saturday, so what did the hotel serve up? bacon and scrambled eggs. We had the same again on Sunday before taking our flight back to England. We can only assume that on Monday it was back to meatballs again.

Apart from not being a great fan of meatballs, especially for breakfast, we had a lovely few days after arriving in Copenhagen to a sunny Scandinavian welcome. We spent the following day in the Danish capital visiting a few museums and taking a boat trip to see The Mermaid, which we had seen before, but never from the water, so we saw her back this time. In one museum we were informed it was the Queen’s birthday and she would be parading through the streets in an open carriage. The whole of Denmark seemed to have turned out for it, but we were not fortunate enough to see her as the cortege took a different route through the city.

The whole of the following day was spent at Sofiero, the summer palace of King Oscar and Queen Sophie of Sweden. It was built in 1845 as their summer retreat and sits on the east coast of Sweden just north of Helsinborg. Across the Oresund one can see Denmark quite clearly, and Helsinor Castle, the setting for Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. There was then a day spent visiting Malmo, and our last day was spent in Lund.

We arrived back in England Sunday evening feeling very tired. I am still in recovery, but it was most enjoyable and something we can look back on with affection.  And, no: still not had a full-English yet. That’s for the weekend, it’s porridge on weekdays.

I Love You, Mr Bigglesworth (Whoever you are)


I am giving a big thumbs-up to a Mr Bigglesworth, as last week, this person made my day, my week, my month, my year, for taking the time out to review one of my books. Not that other readers haven’t given some of the best comments I have ever had, but it was the fact Mr Bigglesworth reads the likes of Alistair McClean, Frederick Forsyth. Chris Ryan, Tom Clancy, and last but not least, Andy – McNab that is. And now, there is little old me, a woman who likes to write outside genres such as action/adventure and political fiction, sitting on Mr Bigglesworth’s Kindle bookshelf.

So here’s what he said about TO THE EDGE AND BACKBeautifully written. Highly recommended. A compelling and unusual story of an historical SAS soldier. 


Now are you impressed? I know I was, and I’m still on cloud nine, and simply had to share my euphoria with you.  So, whoever you are, I love you Mr Bigglesworth, and all you people out there around the world who I know read my blog, and my books.

For those of you, men and women alike, who also like to read outside the genres, try my latest book, published just before Easter. Forbidden Liaison is about a battle-weary German who meets a woman with a dog, on a beach. It contains some sexual scenes and a little bad language.

Forbidden Liaison