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Two days ago I celebrated my 70th birthday, and what a day it was: much better than my 40th, 50th or even 60th: this was a day I will remember for a long time to come, and I am still receiving presents from family whom I didn’t see on the day. And all the birthday wishes I received on Facebook from all my friends, far and wide; friends I have made through writing; made it even more memorable.

It’s been two years this December since I published my first book, and as you probably know I am now on my 7th. But the most pleasing thing about being a writer – apart from the writing, of course – is the amount of people around the world who have read my books, and all those people in different countries who have logged onto my blog.

I cannot recall a country that has not appeared on my blog list. They range from the British commonwealth countries, throughout America: through all the European countries, on to Russia: from Pakistan to Japan. I can readily think of no country that is missing from the list, and I find that totally amazing. I’m sure there are some missing, though.

You might be thinking my writing out-put has diminished these last few months, and you would be right. But that does not mean I am not working. When I’m not writing I am researching, but health matters have caused some delays to my 7th book. I have discovered recently that as I have to have a knee replacement, a hip replacement and an operation on my foot due to osteoarthritis. The foot operation will prove to be more problematic as I will have my lower leg in plaster for 6 weeks. But on the plus side it means I will be able to sit at my computer all day. Such joy. Will have to employ a butler. Just thought, I have one, he’s called Hubby.

At this time, though, I don’t know which procedure will come first: it all depends on the surgeons, I suppose, but I did request I have my knee replaced first, and then agreed to have steroid injections to my foot so I can walk without discomfort. But I am one of those women who will carry on regardless, and am obstinate enough to still be walking without the aid of a stick, but have had to succumb to using one once or twice.

So, for the next few weeks I will be writing even less as I have friends coming over from Sweden at the end of July, then when they’ve gone home we are off to France for two weeks. Just hope we have some lovely weather as it’s been raining cats and dogs here lately, along with some tropical humid temperatures.

One thing is sure though, I will be taking my computer with me on holiday. A writer cannot travel without one. Have a lovely summer. Will blog again soon.

 PS: I only pressed the button to publish this blog 38 minutes ago and have just discovered one hit from the United States and one from Russia. Isn’t modern technology amazing: isn’t our world amazing.