GLAD TO BE BACK (but not fully functioning)


It’s been nearly three months since I had a right total hip replacement,  and seeing the xray afterwards I wondered how that large piece of metal with three screws that appeared to be the size of my little finger, and a ball joint the size of an apple would stay in place, but it has, thankfully.

I can’t say it’s not been a struggle at times. The first four weeks after the op was – I wouldn’t say painful, but was continual discomfort – the six weeks of having to sleep on my back was torture as I fought the urge to role onto my sides which was strictly forbidden, until the eighth week, and even then I had to sleep with a pillow between my knees.

In all that time I have not written a single word, and my 7th novel, which still hasn’t got a title, lies unfinished on my computer. BUT the writing break has given me the time to re-think the storyline and do a little more research. Instead of the break leaving me feeling unable to pick up where I left off it has given me a better grasp of the characters and where the story might go.

I don’t like discussing my storylines before they are finished and I will not start now, but am looking forward to finishing the novel and getting it ready for publication early next year, 2017.

So thank you all for your support and would like to share the lovely comment I had today about one of my novels: it said even though they had read a lot of WWII novels, they learnt so much more from reading mine. Such praise indeed.