France, February 1944:

As Celeste – an SOE agent – awaits the arrival of a Resistance leader, she discovers he has been caught and executed. With no other alternative, she makes her way to the coastal city of Caen in order to help co-ordinate surprise attacks on the enemy to coincide with the D Day landings. But two things stand in her way, a boy who is left alone after losing his mother, and an American pilot she finds hanging by his parachute from a tree in nearby woods. In their own way they are all at a disadvantage, Celeste by gender, the American by ethnicity, and the boy by a genetic disorder. Celeste decides to pass on the American to a life-line that would get him back to England after leaving the boy with relatives, but nothing goes to plan as they make their way across the French countryside.

I started this novel in January 2016, and by now I would usually have another one well on the way to publication. But the ill health of Hubby, a total right hip replacement for me, Hurricane Doris blowing off our roof, then water ingress in 3 rooms that have now to be stripped, re-plastered and re-decorated, 2017 has proven to be a real challenge so far.

Things are slowly improving though, and the other good news is, I am now researching my 8th novel.

Hope you like Stopping by Woods and look forward to your feedback.