To all my friends and acquaintances I would like you to know I have not dropped off the end of the earth but have been without broadband for one week. ONE WEEK!
It has been like having a limb amputated or part of my frontal lobe removed.
As you will be aware we were victims of Storm Doris earlier this year which ripped, yes, virtually ripped, through our bungalow. We have now been re-housed for six months whilst building work is carried out. Should be back just in time for Christmas. Oh joy! another move.
As you can imagine it’s been a nightmare at times and what with Hubby’s condition and my metal hip which has groaned under the strain at times, we are settled into a small semi-detached with a downstairs loo quite nearĀ an airport.
It reminds me of when my son lived near Heathrow 5. The planes came over so low you could see the features of the pilot and co-pilot. But even with the bedroom window open at night because of the heat, I’ve been so knackered I’ve slept through all the take-offs and landings.

What’s with the strawbs you might be asking. Well, we found the back garden abundant with strawberries and raspberries. Picked three lots of strawbs in the first two days. Not got around to the raspberries yet, but I have been picking them and eating them straight away.
Am now reasonably happy, especially with the broadband, but it’s not like home, more like a long holiday in holiday let.