Just where would you put the Oxford comma, or commas, in the above statement, or wouldn’t you? I’m an adherent of the Oxford comma and was once criticised for using them, but as they are an optional part of punctuating, and the English language is the only language to use them, I will carry on doing so as I was taught to punctuate this way. When reading novels nowadays, I find this comma sadly defunct. But, it does have a purpose: not only can it be used to add emphasis, and tone, to the written word, it is also used as a pause, especially when reading dialogue. So, all-in-all, I am in favour of using the Oxford, or Harvard comma, as it is also referred to, and will carry on doing so. Happy reading and writing.


Q: Do you feel that male eBook writers are more successful?

A: Yes, I cannot make a living at it like some of my male author friends.

Q: Is it because they are better at ‘putting themselves out there’?’

A: The ones I know, yes, definitely.

Q: Do you think you need to do something about it?

A: Probably.

Q: Then why don’t you?

A: I could give a thousand reasons why, but I feel it may be my age. And don’t come back with ‘age is only a number’.

Q: Well it is.

A: My most successful male author friends attract quite a lot of followers perhaps because they are only in their 40’s and early 50’s.

Q: Don’t you think that’s a lame excuse?

A: Probably. But I feel I should spend my time writing as I am of the old fashioned mind-set that if my books are good enough someone will spot me.

Q: Do you think your books are good enough?

A: Yes, because over 95% of my reviews have been positive. And only recently had a 5* one word review which simply said EXCELLENT.

Q: Then you already know what your problem is.

A: Yes, I need to solicit myself.

Q: So which corner will you be standing on tonight?

A: I’ll be leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street until a certain little agent goes by.

Q: That sounds familiar.

A: George Formby, you know the man who sang the funny innuendo songs. Like, ‘With My Little Eukele in my Hand’. No, it was not a euphemism, he actually had a eukele and strummed it whilst singing.

Q: I’m surprised he wasn’t dragged off the stage.

A: I think he was banned from the wireless – radio to you – at one point. I know it seems tame to what you can see on television these days.

Q: Do you think it better to be more open?

A: Definitely. Can’t stand brushing things under the carpet, not talking about certain subjects, not being allowed to voice your opinion or feelings: being so far up your own backside that you don’t see daylight.

Q: What is really bothering you?

A: The fact my work has been termed by one reviewer as pornographic and more explicit than 50 Shades of Grey. What a liberty! And there’s the rub. If they had compared me to D.H. Lawrence then I would have been much happier.