D.H. Lawrence as a young man.


Question: Why do I write?

Answer: I like to tell stories.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because people fascinate me. Books are about people. Their good points, their faults, their insecurities, their guilt, their passions. The list could go on.

Question: So which author inspired you to write?

Answer: The one above, D.H.L. whose German wife Frieda called him simply ‘L’. (‘L’ happened to have had affair with the wife of a German Professor at Nottingham University, and they ran off together, to Mexico, I believe). The picture gives the impression of an intense looking man, whose passions run very close to the surface.

Question: Why him in particular? Why not one of the Austin sisters?

Answer: You will have to wait as I have just had a flash of inspiration. If I started, ‘I was born in… my parents were … I was schooled at … BORING.

So this morning folks, I am beginning my biography. My short chat with you has given me the inspiration I needed and the HOOK I wanted to kick-start the book. Watch this space folks.








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