About Me

Pat 006I have been married to the same man for many years – I call him my first husband as it keeps him on his toes. He’s a retired local politician and businessman. His specialist subject is Politics. We have three children. Son 1 joined the RAF at 18 and did his bit for Queen and Country during the Gulf War. His specialist subjects are sport, history and music. He married a Northerner who works in drug research. Her specialist subject is horses. Son 2 studied Nuclear Physics then went on to teach maths and science until he saw the error of his ways. He is now an Accountant and lives and works in Sweden. His specialist subjects are Science, Maths and Swedish culture. Our daughter studied performing arts at College and Humanities at University, majoring in Linguistics. She, too, went on to teach, but found the Civil Service to have better prospects. Her specialist subjects are the theatre, cinema, literature and music. She married a Southerner, also a civil servant who once studied for a PhD. His specialist subject is West Ham. We come together to meet in the middle – the East Midlands. And when we do get together we make a formidable team. Oh, and I should not forget to mention my 7 lovely grandchildren. (Christmas is becoming hellishly expensive.)

Me: apart from an MA in Writing – Practice & Issues, and a PGCE in Further Education, I was a lecturer in English language and Literature for many years and was fortunate enough to obtain a secondment to lecture in Teacher Training in Lahore, Pakistan, in the late 90’s. Soon after coming back I retired early as my time away had given me itchy feet. So I did the Supply Teacher bit for a while, finding schools in the inner city far more enjoyable to work in than schools in middle class areas (my working class roots were always showing, so, sod it, I’ve gone totally grey.) I also taught ESOL in a category B prison. And, finally spent time working for the Home Office again in Probation Hostels, one which housed lifers out on licence.

Before becoming a lecturer, though, I had turned my hand to many roles trying to find my niche. I originally left school at 15 to study shorthand and typing at college, which I found boring after marriage then 3 children in five years – the skills, though, I use to this day. I then tried to settle as a medical secretary; even tried nursing as an auxiliary. Then went on to become an instructor on a painting and decorating programme for offenders serving Community Service Orders. This led me on to teaching as I enjoyed the instructing more than the painting and decorating.

From an early age I always loved books: story books; reference books; encyclopaedias, especially the Classics, and there was always a good supply of reading matter on our bookshelves at home. No wonder I began writing, something which I carried on into adulthood. Now, I am proud to say, I work full-time as a writer, and its bliss.

To contact the author and to receive notifications when new novels are published please email PatriciaISmith@outlook.com

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