There is one character that connects the novels above, Hauptmann Heinrich Beckmann. Forbidden Liaison begins in late 1943 when he has an affair with a British woman. Restoration starts just after the D day landings when he is taken Prisoner of War. They pick up their relationship and it concludes at the beginning of 1947.





A minor character appears in A Tale of Two Women. His name is John Thomas. He goes on to tell his story in To The Edge and Back. And to round off his story is Operation Mainspring, his last special operations mission for Military Intelligence.



These two novels connect the character Doctor Thomas Schmidt. A Life Once Had looks at his life as a medic during World War Two. In A New Beginning he starts a new life in London with his British wife and their three children, carving out a career in cardiac surgery.


Long awaited sequel now available at the reduced price of £0.99.

Find out what happens to Hauptmann Heinrich Beckmann when he is captured in Normandy in 1944.



D.H. Lawrence as a young man.


Question: Why do I write?

Answer: I like to tell stories.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because people fascinate me. Books are about people. Their good points, their faults, their insecurities, their guilt, their passions. The list could go on.

Question: So which author inspired you to write?

Answer: The one above, D.H.L. whose German wife Frieda called him simply ‘L’. (‘L’ happened to have had affair with the wife of a German Professor at Nottingham University, and they ran off together, to Mexico, I believe). The picture gives the impression of an intense looking man, whose passions run very close to the surface.

Question: Why him in particular? Why not one of the Austin sisters?

Answer: You will have to wait as I have just had a flash of inspiration. If I started, ‘I was born in… my parents were … I was schooled at … BORING.

So this morning folks, I am beginning my biography. My short chat with you has given me the inspiration I needed and the HOOK I wanted to kick-start the book. Watch this space folks.









If you’ve read this, FORBIDDEN LIAISON, then you will want to read the sequel.

Find out what happens after Heinrich Beckmann is taken a POW, soon after the D Day landings. Lucky to have escaped being killed, he sits out the rest of the war in the relative comfort as a POW in North Yorkshire, England, with letters his only contact with the outside world. Until one day he receives a letter from his British lover. It changes his life forever.



Throughout this novel epistolary narrative is used as a window to look at World War 11 from both sides, survival and relationships being the common denominator.

I began researching this story in early 2018, but it has taken so long to complete as Hubby became seriously ill at the beginning of 2019. He is now home after two operations and several stays in hospital throughout the year. I am his main carer, along with a district nurse who comes in every other day, but I finally finished the novel by working first thing in the morning. Presently, though, I feel I am taking one step forward then two steps back regarding its publication date as my first priority is my husband and the days are simply flying by. I am hoping it will be available towards the end of November, and I will keep you posted as to the date.

Here’s a summary:

Hauptmann Heinrich Beckmann leaves the Channel Islands in late October 1943 for the killing grounds of Normandy. He is captured in late August 1944 and sent to a POW camp in North Yorkshire. England. Heinrich soon becomes the connection between the prisoners and the British Camp Commandant, but his rank isolates him as he tries to fight off the memories of the past few years. It is not only the worry about his family, but the boredom, the frustration and the loneliness that constantly dog him. But the other constant in his life is the intense feelings he harbours for his British lover, Isabelle.

One day, Heinrich receives a bunch of letters that have followed him around. One informs him his estranged wife and eldest daughter are presumed dead after a bombing raid on Frankfurt. But in 1945, Heinrich receives his first letter from his lover, Izzy. Heinrich quickly writes back, but Izzy’s reply shakes him to the core. After the German surrender in May 1945, Heinrich receives another letter saying Izzy and her mother are leaving the Islands because of reprisals. His feelings and worries intensify, along with dealing with the guilt he and his country is made to feel after the discoveries at the concentration camps.

Not only does Heinrich try to restore relationships, but endeavours to regain some of his pride by becoming instrumental in restoring a new Germany.




Three years ago, in 2016, when I self-published FORBIDDEN LIAISON some said it bordered on pornography, others said it ended too abruptly. I admit it did end abruptly, and after thinking about it I decided to resurrect the main characters by writing a sequel. So what happened next? You will have to read the book, but for those of you who are partial to a few descriptive passages of straight sex then you will not be disappointed.

I am hoping RESTORATION will be published in the next few weeks. It has to have one last proof-read then formatting to kindle.

Will keep you posted of the publishing date.


NB:   You might also like to know I have recently published second editions of Operation Mainspring, Forbidden Liaison, and Stopping by Woods.